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MindMe was born from a need to provide a safety net for our loved ones as they aged. For our own mother to retain her independence, we all wanted a solution that gave everyone peace of mind wherever she may be. 

After road-testing devices that offered alerts, communication, and GPS, there was nothing in the market that offered what we really needed. So we came up with the answer, the MindMe range of SOS & GPS personal alarms.

MindMe’s products have built in mobile 2-way voice communication, outbound text alerts to emergency contacts, fall detection, GPS tracking, and Geo-fencing—to name just a few features. It’s not just a solution for the elderly either, anyone who needs an extra hand facing everyday tasks or those who require their well being to be monitored will feel secure with MindMe.

Our products also have applications in organisations where staff welfare and communication is paramount. In addition to their own safety concerns, allied healthcare professionals have helped their clients find peace of mind in MindMe too, using our products to enable safer lives.

MindMe has helped our own mother, at 92, maintain her independent lifestyle without worry knowing help is just one button push away. She still drives, walks by herself and leads a busy social life.

After all, we know how important the balance between independence and reliable assistance is. We’re a family run business leading the way in welfare tech / caregiving solutions. 

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