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Renting Our Products

Rent a MindMe Pro

We understand that our customers may require a MindMe Pro for a short period of time for a variety of reasons, such as rehabilitation or palliative care patients. 

Accordingly, we offer a rental service for our MindMe Pro. 

Terms & Conditions


$20.00 p/w (plus postage)

Rental Period

Minimum = 4 weeks



*The deposit is refunded once rental unit has been returned minus SIM card spend during rental period. Deposit may not be refunded if rental device is damaged upon return. If a MindMe Pro is purchased after the rental period, the deposit will be applied to the purchase.

Post Rental Purchase

For customers that wish to purchase a MindMe Pro after the rental period, we offer the following deductions from the standard cost of the MindMe Pro:

  • $50 OFF  After 1 month rental period
  • $75 OFF  After 2 months rental period
  • $100 OFF After 3 months rental period

$50 OFF After 1 month rental period 
$75 OFF After 2 months rental period 
$100 OFF After 3 months rental period

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