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MindMe Pro For Elderly People

Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse, domestic partner or close friend presents difficult challenges – especially when a crisis hits and you are suddenly faced with the responsibilities of their care. Or maybe a loved one just fears the loss of their independence. Family and carers need to rest easy knowing their loved one is safe and secure. An emergency pendant for elderly people supports your caregiving responsibilities. 

MindMe Pro is an Australian owned and operated company where you can shop with confidence to buy person alarm systems for your loved ones.MindMe Pro is a personal alarm system for elderly people and assists family and caregivers care for their loved one’s. MindMe Pro personal alarm for seniors features includes an SOS button, GPS location, two way and hands free communication, fall detection and “geo fencing” (electronic fence). 

When MindMe Pro’s emergency SOS button is pressed an SMS is sent to the 3 nominated emergency contacts and includes a link to google maps to show the location of your loved one. MindMe Pro then calls the emergency contacts and when answered a two-way and hands free conversation can take place with the wearer. 

Falls are a major cause of injury for people with Alzheimer’s and are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions. A long-wait on the floor increases the probability of death or disability from the accident. This underlines the importance of real-time monitoring and the detection of a fall to enable assistance by relatives or caregivers as soon as possible for your loved one. MindMe Pro Personal alarms for seniors detects when your loved one has fallen.

MindMe Pro fall detection feature alerts family and caregivers via SMS if their loved one has fallen, and remains still for 10 seconds, suggesting the person is injured and unable to move. The family member or carer can immediately arrange assistance for the person and can then call and talk to their loved one to provide comfort while waiting for help to arrive. 

Your elderly parent wants to be independent. But what if they are getting absent minded and you fear they may get lost. Having the ability to receive alerts if your loved one leaves or re enters a geo-fenced (electronic fence) area will give you peace of mind knowing their location is easily accessible on your smart phone or computer. The MindMe Pro emergency pendant for elderly people will keep you in touch with your loved one. 

MindMe Pro’s “geo fence” (electronic fence) feature alerts you if your loved one leaves the pre set perimeter from their place of residence (e.g. 200 metres). MindMe Pro sends an SMS to alert you that the person has crossed the “geo fence” perimeter and a link to google maps showing you the location where the person has crossed the perimeter. You can then arrange to pick up your loved one and take them back to safety. 

Other MindMe Pro features of the person alarm system for elderly people include real-time location, motion sensor, over speed alert, silent monitoring and low battery alert. 

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