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MindMe Pro For Children

It’s a question that faces all parents of young children’s; how do I let my kids be kids while keeping them safe and secure? Should I let my son walk to school alone? How do I know my daughter made it to to her friend’s house? Now there is a GPS tracking device for kids!

MindMe Pro is a GPS alert system for children that helps keeps them independent while giving you peace of mind. Should an emergency arise the GPS locator for kids can alert you instantly letting you know they’re in trouble or scared. By pressing MindMe Pro’s SOS button you will receive an SMS with an ‘SOS’ alert and a link to google maps showing the location of your child. MindMe Pro will then call you so you can have a two-way and hands free conversation to find out the problem.

MindMe Pro’s “geo fence” feature is an effective gps tracking device for kids. MindMe Pro alerts parents if their child leaves or re entered the pre set perimeter from their place of residence (e.g. 500 metres). MindMe Pro sends an SMS to alert you that your child has crossed the “geo fence” (electronic fence) perimeter and includes a link to google maps showing the location of where your child has crossed the perimeter.

MindMe Pro is the safest gps alert system for children and simply gives you peace of mind knowing your gps locator for kids connects to those you love most.

Other MindMe Pro features include real-time location, motion sensor, over speed alert, silent monitoring and low battery alert.