MindMe Pro is our latest SOS & GPS alert device and includes fall detection and geo –fencing capabilities.


Use in the home and when you are out & about

One button operation

2-way hands-free communication

Built in GPS to locate

Weighs less than 35g & compact size

Fall Detection

Geo Fence

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Ruth S

I don’t just like it , I love it! I am connected and I feel safe! The more attractive you are the more you need to be protected! just in case . A brilliant idea! go for it now

Naomi M

Up until recently I have had an emergency system that only worked while I was in the house. If I went for a walk or went down the street the emergency system did not work. My grandson showed me the MindMe and explained how easy it was to use and how it worked anywhere I wanted to go. The MindMe has given me the freedom and security I need to have an independent lifestyle. I would recommend the MindMe to everyone in my age group. It’s the best!


I’ve been wearing my MindMe for over 6 months. Every time I leave the house I know that I can easily contact my family in case of emergency. My MindMe gives me and my family the peace of mind knowing help is just a button push away.


I am 90 years old, live alone and independent. I still drive and go for daily walks. My children were concerned about me in case of an emergency. They showed me the MindMe SOS & GPS pendant and I was surprised how small and light it was and how easy it was to use. After being shown the other systems where you are confined to the house or you had to ring a call centre by a certain time each day, the MindMe was by far the best option for me. I can still live my independent life knowing I can contact my family if I need to and my family are happy knowing they can contact me. I would recommend MindMe to anyone in my situation.

MindMe Pro Features with home based alert systems

MindMe Pro features

  • After the SOS button is pressed the MindMe & MindMe Pro pendant direct dials the emergency contact numbers
  • MindMe Pro can be used wherever a mobile phone and GPS operates
  • One press SOS button
  • Auto answering incoming calls
  • Up to 300 hours (about 12 days) battery standby
  • GPS tracking of MindMe & MindMe Pro pendant
  • Two-way conversation directly through the MindMe Pro pendant
  • Geo fencing (virtual fence) to detect if wearer crosses a preset boundary & SMS’s location
  • Fall detection to detects if wearer has fallen and SMS’s location

Home based features

  • After the emergency button is pressed a signal is sent to the landline base station and then dials the emergency numbers
  • Range is limited to within 100 metres on the landline base station
  • One press SOS button
  • Auto answer feature not available
  • Up to 50-hour battery standby after power outage
  • GPS positioning not available
  • Two-way conversation through base station or plays a prerecorded emergency message
  • Geo fencing (virtual fence) to detect if wearer crosses a preset boundary and SMS’s location
  • Fall detection to detects if wearer has fallen and SMS’s location

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