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SOS & GPS Alarm


Full setup included with:

  • SIM Card
  • $30 Credit
  • Emergency Contacts

  • SIM Card
  • $30 Credit
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Fall Detection
  • Geo-Fencing

SIM Card
$30 Credit
Emergency Contacts
Fall Detection

Full setup included with:

  • Fall Detection
  • Geo-Fencing

Free Shipping
1 Year Warranty

Afterpay Available

Free Shipping

1 Year Warranty

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With mobile two-way communication, GPS tracking, fall detection, and full day-date capability, the MindMe Watch X is a sleek emergency device. 

Around the house, at work, or out and about, the MindMe watch X is the perfect welfare companion that places communication and assistance at the wearers fingertips. 

It’s simple to use and the emergency procedure is a logical sequence of events. First, the SOS button raises an alert to contacts with a text of the wearers precise location and begins cycling through contacts, calling until answered. Then, once a call is answered, the wearer and respondent can communicate to provide assistance. 

It’s specifically designed for remote workers, the elderly, those with disabilities, and those working in volatile environments. Helping to suit a variety of applications, the watch is water resistant so the wearer can carry on with their occupations carefree. 

MindMe can also install a pre-loaded SIM so the device can be used straight away. 

NDIS Funding available.  

  • 1 Touch SOS Button

  • Auto Answer Incoming Calls

  • Digital Watch

  • 2-way Communication

  • Real Time location via GPS Satellite

  • Geo Fencing

  • IP67 Waterproof rating

  • Low Battery Alert

  • Remote Setup via Free Mobile Tracking APP

  • Set up to 3 Emergency Contact Numbers 

  • Operates Almost Anywhere in Australia (Optus 4G Network)

  • Day / Date Display

  • Powerful Microphone & Speaker

  • Fall Detection

  • Black Silicone Watch Band

  • Medicine Reminder

  • Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Screen Dimensions

Watch Face Dimensions

1.70", 240X240

H: 45mm, W: 40mm, D: 16mm


600mAh (recharge daily)

Charger Included

Yes (Magnetic)


1 x button (SOS, On/Off)

Signals Received

Bluetooth 4.0, GPS & WiFi

SIM Card

Nano SIM

Network Frequency

WCDMA 850 / 2100


6-Axis Gyroscope

  • MindMe Watch X

  • SIM card & installation (Optus 4G network)

  • $30 credit loaded on SIM card

  • Watch programming & setup with personal specifications

  • Charging Docking Station

  • Quick Starter Guide

  • Comprehensive User Guide

  • Setup Information Sheet

  • SIM card recharge instructions

  • Access to mobile tracking app

  • Free Shipping

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • 12 Month Warranty

  • Customer support (7 days)

What is the MindMe X Watch?

The MindMe Watch X SOS & GPS Personal Alarm combines a watch, mobile phone, a GPS device, and GPRS satellite technologies, to assist vulnerable individuals to seek assistance quickly in an emergency.

The MindMe Watch X will give you the confidence to remain independent and stay in control, by keeping you in touch with family and carers whether you are at home or out and about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How is the MindMe Watch X monitored?

The MindMe Watch X is a self-monitoring device, giving you and your family & carers control of your safety. You are able to select up to 3 trusted emergency contacts (including ‘000’) to be contacted via voice call and SMS in an emergency. This means, that in an emergency you will be in touch with someone you know and trust to assist you.

What is displayed on the watch face?

The standby display screen features a digital clock face and the current day and date.

What material is the wristband made out of?

The MindMe Watch X band is made from silicone

Will the MindMe Watch X work outside my home?

YES, the MindMe Watch X operates anywhere there is a mobile network connection, using the  either Optus or Telstra 4G network. 

Do I need to have the NBN, wireless internet or a landline phone to use the MindMe Watch X?

NO, the MindMe Watch X operates like to a mobile phone, only requiring you to have access to the mobile network.

Once I purchase the MindMe Watch X, are there any ongoing monthly costs?

NO, there are no ongoing payments to be made to MindMe Pty Ltd after your initial investment.

What MindMe Watch X features can be turned on or off?

The MindMe Watch X allows you to tailor the features to your specific requirements. The below list of features can be turned on or off at any time as required:

  • Fall detection alert
  • GEO fencing alert
  • Incoming call control
  • Low battery alert

How often do I have to charge the MindMe Watch X?

The MindMe Watch X battery will last up to 24 hours.

If the battery on the MindMe Watch X falls below 15%, all emergency contacts will receive an SMS and/or a Mobile APP notification to advise the MindMe Watch X needs to be placed on the charging.

Can I take the MindMe Watch X into the shower?

YES, the MindMe Watch X has been specifically designed to be worn in the shower or if you are caught walking out in the rain.

Please note, the MindMe Watch X cannot be submerged in a body of water i.e. the bath tub.

Do I need to use my own SIM card and a mobile account to use the MindMe Watch X?

NO, you will NOT need to use your own SIM card or mobile account as we will install your Amaysim SIM card (Operates on the Optus mobile network) and setup your mobile account on your behalf. 

NOTE: The MindMe Watch X also operates on the Telstra 4G Network. You will need to provide your own SIM card if you would like a Telstra SIM card installed.

Can I change the emergency contacts and other features on my MindMe Watch X once they have been set?

YES, your emergency contacts can easily be changed at any time, via the mobile application.

How does the built in GPS feature work?

The MindMe Watch X incorporates a GPS module and supports AGPS (Assisted GPS).

There are 30 GPS satellites orbiting the earth. Wherever you are located your GPS is visible to at least 4 satellites at any one time.The GPS device in your MindMe Watch X is constantly listening for a signal from these satellites. The receiver in your MindMe Watch X calculates how far away it is from the satellites.

Once the receiver calculates its distance from four or more satellites, it knows exactly where you are. Your location on the ground can be determined with incredible precision.The GPS in your MindMe Watch X can usually determine where you are to within a few metres of your actual location.

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