MindMe is a compact and easy to use personal alarm designed to assist people requiring emergency assistance.

MindMe uses a mobile SIM card to keep the user in contact with family members and carers in times of emergency including having a two-way conversation when the emergency button is pressed. Additionally, MindMe incorporates a built-in GPS allowing family members and carers to locate users in an emergency.

Elderly People


Lone Workers

Disabled People



who need emergency assistance whether they are at home or out and about 24/7.


Once MindMe’s emergency button is pressed it sends an SMS’s to up to five contacts including a Google map link to show the wearer’s location. Next MindMe calls the contacts until the call is answered at which time the wearer can have a hands free, two-way conversation with the emergency contact.

MindMe is compact being 40mm x 34mm x 14mm or about the size of half a matchbox and weighs only 27grams. It is worn comfortably around the neck on a lanyard.

Best of all MindMe is easy to use.


  • MindMe alerts family and carers when the emergency button is pressed
  • Includes two-way hands free voice communication
  • Incorporates a GPS to find its location and is accurate to about 5-10 metres
  • Uses a mobile SIM – so long as a mobile network exists the device will remain connected
  • Measures 40mm x 34mm x 14mm and weighs 27 grams (about half the size of a matchbox)
  • Has a battery life up to 300 hours or 12 days
  • Sends an SMS when its battery power is below 10% capacity
  • Can send an SMS if the user moves outside pre-selected electronic fence (optional)