MindMe Pro SOS & GPS Alarm

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  • Hands-free 2 way conversation
  • Powerful microphone & speaker
  • Auto answers incoming calls
  • Easy one button SOS operation
  • Over speed alert
  • Fall detection
  • Geo fencing (in/out alarm)
  • Motion Alarm
  • User defined name in SMS alert
  • Volume control
  • Listen in mode
  • Non emergency call buttons: 1
  • Emergency contact numbers: 3
  • Remote setup via SMS
  • Real time location via GPS satellite
  • Real time location via cellular network
  • Free online GPS tracking platform
  • Mobile App: IOS & Android
  • Low battery alert
  • 30 day history of trackers movements

The MindMe Pro SOS & GPS alert pendant keeps the wearer in touch with family and carers whether they are at home or out and about, 24 hours a day. MindMe Pro features a mobile phone and a GPS to locate the wearer in case of an emergency.

When the SOS button is pressed the MindMe Pro sends an SMS alert to the emergency contacts. The SMS includes a Google Maps link to show the location the wearer. Following, the MindMe Pro dials the contacts until the call is answered. When the call is answered the wearer can have a hands free, two-way conversation with the family member or carer.

MindMe Pro detects if the wearer has fallen. When a fall is detected the MindMe Pro sends an SMS alert to the contacts that includes a Google Maps link to show the location of the wearer. MindMe Pro then dials the contacts and when answered a hands free, two-way conversation can take place with the wearer.

A geo-fence (virtual boundary) can be setup so when the wearer breaches the boundary the MindMe Pro will send an SMS alert to all the contacts alerting them the wearer has crossed the boundary. The SMS includes a Google Maps link to show the location where the wearer has crossed the boundary.

Contacts can call the MindMe Pro and have a conversation with the wearer, just like a mobile phone.

By sending a simple SMS to the MindMe Pro, contacts can locate the wearer at any time.

MindMe Pro’s range is unlimited so long as there’s a mobile phone and GPS signal available.


(Inclusions with unit ONLY option)
  • MindMe Pro unit (available in Black, Blue, Green & Pink)
  • Charging dock station
  • Power plug and cable
  • Lanyard
  • Free Shipping
  • Quick Starter Guide
  • Comprehensive User Guide
  • Setup Information Sheet
  • 30-day money back guarantee*
  • 12-month warrantee
  • Customer support (7 days)

Additional Inclusions

(Inclusions with unit setup option)
  • SIM card & installation (Telstra 3G network)
  • $30 credit loaded on SIM card
  • Unit programming & setup with personal specifications
  • Access to online tracking platform
  • Access to mobile tracking app

  • 3G Network 850/1900 MHz
  • Ublox 7 GPS Chip (supports APGS)
  • Rechargeable 900mAh 3.7v li-ion battery
  • Battery Life in standby mode: up to 40 days
  • Dimensions: 61 x 44 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • GPS position accuracy: < 5 metre accuracy
  • GPS locating time – cold start: 30 seconds
  • GPS locating time – warm start: 11 seconds
  • GPS locating time – hot start: 1 second
  • AGPS locating time (time to first fix): 30 seconds
  • Built in 8MB flash memory
  • Waterproof rating: IPX 67

Suitable for:


Dementia Suffers

People with Disablities


Lone Workers

Health Professionals

Aged Care Facilities

Personal Security


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    I’ve been wearing my MindMe Pro for over 12 months. Every time I leave the house I know that I can easily contact my family in case of emergency.

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