Some Early Symptoms That Call For Supervised Attention in Seniors

Some Early Symptoms That Call For Supervised Attention in Seniors

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Tracking devices are required for many different purposes, this technology in all its cutting edge functionality is primarily used by the police, fire rescue teams and for scientific research of certain subjects. The very same is now made available to the general public for safety reasons that ensure peace of mind for the whole family. While the idea of a tracker can seem repulsive to any individual, once the benefits are fully understood and accepted, it’s easier to see the need for it.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are two diseases that creep in with old age and can cause our beloved parents and grandparents to misplace their direction at times. This rings true especially when they are travelling to new locations or are not in contact with their loved ones for an extended duration of time.

The following are combined symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This is merely an overlook of the symptoms that call for supervised attention and should not be referred to for accurate medical advice:

  • Memory Loss

This is the most widely known sign. When a person cannot retain recently acquired information or needs to keep asking for details over and over again, it’s a good time to start looking deeper.

  • Difficulty with day to day tasks

Situations will arise where tasks that require little or no prior knowledge will seem difficult to accomplish, like running home appliances or navigating to a known destination.

  • Finding it hard to organise

People with such conditions cannot find it in themselves to create plans, or manage expenses or other necessary aspects of life.

  • Visual and Spatial recognition problems

It often becomes difficult for people to assume the distance of objects in front of them, or recognise images that they might have already seen before.

There are several more symptoms that we urge you to look closely at. Our elders have lived a long life and have had their share of struggles and fought against all the odds to be where they are. We pay our respect and merely recommend our technology for long lasting peace of mind. Go to our about us page to read the story that motivates us to offer an end product that is reliable and respectful of the wearer.


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