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GPS Alert System for Pets

A few years ago my mother at 88 years old was living alone, had an active social life and was headstrongly independent. She still drove her car, went on long walks by herself and was out and about with family and friends. Her only concession to her independence was a cleaner once a week!

My sister and I were concerned for her wellbeing so I began investigating in-home alert systems in case she got into trouble. After making enquiries it became obvious these devices were not suitable for my mother’s active lifestyle, as they only worked in the home.

After researching the marketplace, I found a range of personal alert devices that not only worked in her home but also when my mother was out and about. In addition, they also included a built in GPS so I could locate her in an emergency.

After field testing over 10 devices I chose the MindMe Pro as its features matched what I was looking for. My testing found the MindMe Pro was easy to use, compact, light, alerted up to 3 emergency people and my mother could have a two-way and hands free conversation with me in case of an emergency. Additionally, I could also locate her using MindMe’s built in GPS.

After demonstrating MindMe Pro to my mother she could see the benefits of using the MindMe Pro. She had tripped and fallen on a number of occasions and even though she was able to get to her feet again there would come a time when she couldn’t and would need a device like MindMe Pro to get help.

Today my mother is 92 years old, she still drives, walks by herself and still has a busy social life. She wears her MindMe Pro every day as though it was a piece of jewellery. She has pressed the emergency button a number of times and my sister and I have quickly come to her rescue. She feels safe and secure knowing that in an emergency we are just a button push away, no matter where she is.

I thought if my mother understood the benefits and features of the MindMe Pro then there must be other people who would as well, so I have decided to offer other families and carers the peace of mind MindMe Pro gives my sister and I have knowing our mother can contact us in times of an emergency.