GPS Alert System for Lone Workers

Some jobs are performed by a lone person and employers are obligated to provide rapid response to an emergency. This means that you need a system that allows lone workers in dangerous places to automatically and independently call for help in case of an emergency.

A person is considered to be a lone worker when immediate help cannot be guaranteed in case of an accident or emergency because he/she is out of sight from co-workers. Emergency call and GPS systems enable lone workers to work in potentially risky environments.

MindMe Classic is a gps alert system for lone workers. It is a compact and easy to use personal alarm designed to assist lone workers to keep in contact with their employers when they are working in remote area’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using the mobile phone network MindMe Classic can contact employers and can be located using its built-in GPS.

When the SOS button is pressed MindMe Classic automatically sends an SMS text message to up to five nominated contacts and a link to google maps showing the wearers location. The device then dials the contacts phone numbers until the call is answered and the wearer can have a hands-free, two-way conversation with the family member or carer.

Employers can also call MindMe Classic. The GPS alert system for loan workers will auto answer the incoming call from one of the nominated numbers and the wearer can have a hands-free, two-way conversation with the incoming caller.

The location of MindMe Classic, using its built in GPS, can be tracked remotely by an employer by sending an SMS to the device. MindMe Classic can also be tracked using our mobile phone app or the website platform and a geo fence can be set up (optional).

Information about the exact location of an injured person is vital for rapid response. With the assistance of MindMe Classic’s two-way, hands-free communication and built-in GPS relief measures can be initiated immediately.

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